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Feeding our neighbors in need

As an urgent response to Covid-19, growingSOUL pivoted our programming to focus on the more immediate needs of our community. "Last Mile Food Box Delivery" ensured that healthy 32-lb fresh food boxes reach those in suffering from the pandemic. Between July 2020 and May 2021, growingSOUL fed over 3 million people in DC, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia. In appreciation for including all 5 boroughs in our efforts and feeding over 1.5 million New Yorkers, we are proud to announce that growingSOUL received the City of NY Mayoral Service Recognition Award 2020.


+23.M pounds

of fresh food in +750,000 boxes




778  refrigerated trucks  

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18 NYC & 35 Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Partners in

all 5 NYC Boroughs; 

DC, Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia


Feeding Families

+3 million people fed     July 2020-May 2021

This IS NOT FOREVER it is just right now.
Since June 2020, growingSOUL and our partners have distributed over 750,000 food boxes to feed more than 3M people.
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                     YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE  

Since the USDA Farm to Families program ended in May 2021,
many more people continue to be hungry as the variant surges.
growingSOUL needs your assistance.

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